Today, R&D and innovation have become indispensible for competiton. Countries that are supported by effective R&D incentives are at the top of the world competition rankings.

Ministry of Industry and Technology has formed a program to support below mentioned points. Technological knowledge produced to bring the economy of the country to a competitive structure internationally through R&D and innovation, Innovation structure of product and production process, Increase in product quality and standard, Increase the efficiency, Decrease the production cost, Commercialise technological knowledge, Develop cooperations, Accelerating the entry of foreign direct investment into R&D and innovation thru technology-intensive production, entrepreneurship and investments in these fields, Support R&D personnel and qualified labor force.

GREEN Chemicals has successfully implemented all phases of this program and selected as Turkey’s 411th R&D Center. A certificate ceremony was held on 20.03.2017 approved by the ministry officials GREEN Chemicals is the 21st R&D center operating in the chemical industry, in particular.

Our goal as GREEN Chemicals is to return our R&D studies to the country as products with advanced technology that will add value to our country and increase our competitive power in the international market.